Change the order of charts while dashboard sharing

I know charts won't look the same in dashboard subscription, but order of my charts also changed.
Any suggestion on that.
Just want to know on which behalf order change in the mail body?

for your reference I have attached screenshorts of my dashboard and email body.

one more thing can we email the screenshort of the dashboard?

Hi @varnika
Will be fixed in the upcoming 0.40.3:

Is this resolved already, see the screenshot


Also, I am running 0.38.1 as if now. So, should I install 0.40.2 which is latest update.
Actually I am afraid that after updating the metabase I will lost my questions and saved Dashboards.

@varnika Yes, it's fixed, but as you can see from the dates, it's not included in a release yet. It will be part of release 0.40.3 as I wrote.

Make sure you have backups before upgrading, then you can always revert if something goes wrong: