Changing a dashboard through an id


I want to create a default dashboard so I can embedded it in another application, but I want that the values in that dashboard change depending on an id. For example, I have missions, and I want the users to see exactly the same charts but with the values of a certain mission, so if I want to see the dashboard with alpha stats I filter it by the alpha mission id, same for beta, and so on. How can I do that?

Please go through this link and it may help

I have, didn´t help much.

You need to have a mission filter on your dashboard, which is connected to all the cards.
And then you’ll set the Parameter to Locked of the Embedding, which would allow you to send that as part of your payload.

how do I access the parameters settings?

I think you’ve skipped over sections in the documentation. You should read the entire page and maybe multiple times, because embedding a probably one of the most difficult parts.

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