Changing column type field in data model admin setting

i've followed this Metadata editing ( to change the date field marked as text in the original to change it to date.

After the change i am still not able to use custom expression in my question to create a new column to calculate the age.

What am i doing wrong ? how can i calculate the age there, using that datedemisenprodfieldtwo or datedefermeturefieldtwo?

I've even create model with those column and edit the metadata of the field to change the type, but unfortunately i have the same error.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi! You linked the correct docs, but in your screenshot, I believe you have set the Metabase "Field type", which only DISPLAYS the text as a date.

To actually convert the data type in Metabase, go to the Data Model settings > Click the gear beside your field > Find the "Cast to date" option.

It looks like this:


Let me know if that helps! Maybe you already did it but picked a different screenshot, in that case we can dig into the problem more :slight_smile:

oohh Thanks, i was definitely not doing it the correct way.

It solved my issue.

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