Changing column width

When I create a visualization with the query editor the coluns have a good width but when I use de Native Query Editor I stay with small columns that are terrible for visualize the data. How can I change the column width?


That’s what I have when using the native query

Hi @igor.mossinato
Which version of Metabase are you using?
Try showing the data in a table to see if other rows might be showing a 0 or null value.

Hi flamber,

Thanks for the response. I’m using version 0.31.2, it seems to be the latest one. I’ve checked for other rows with 0 or NULL values but there isn’t any like this.

Yes, 0.31.2 is the latest release.
I think you’re experiencing the issue with Timeseries on the x-axis, since data looks like they’re weekly. Try changing the X-axis to Ordinal.
And then go and vote on the issue by clicking the :+1: on the first post:


That solved my issue. Thanks a lot!