Changing dashboard loading order of questions?

We have pretty big dashboard with alot of informations. One question is used to set the filter, for the whole dashboard. It was pretty slow, so we changed it to a cached model. It looks like the dashboard loads this model after every question, but it is the first in the row. Is it possible to change the load order somehow?

Hey, as far as I know, you cannot define the execution order of the questions on a dashboard.

What is the cache schedule for your model?

Can you confirm that the model is being cached before the dashboard is being loaded? For example, caching at 4am so the results are ready when people start checking the dashboard at 8am.

Hi, yep caching is working fine. Open the model directly is very fast, but on the dashboard, it takes a while, because it seems it's the last "query" which will be executed.

Got it!

Can you try making a question based on your cached model, and use that question for filtering on your dashboard instead?

It's a bit of a funny workaround, but I think that will let you access the cached results directly for your use case. Checked with the team and this is a known limitation :slight_smile:

Ok, i found the culprit.
Using a model inside a dashboard directly, doesn't load the cached version, it does instead load the original query.
Can this be changend?
I'll create a new question for my dashboard as workaround.