Changing Database metabase

Require to change mysql - database.Will i loose all my existing questions and dashboard.New database is exactly replica of existing one.

is this your application database? if so, and it’s an exact replica, so long as you pass the new connection string info via environment parameters it should be the same.

Environment parameter? What happen when i change current connection string from admin panel?

are you referring to the application database (eg where we store the user records, dashboards, etc) or the data warehouse (eg, where you store the data used in questions + dashboards?)

i have my metabase pointing to live database.It has many users i think it may be creating impact on my db server.I want to create a read replica only for Metabase.My db is hosted on amazon cloud.
I dont want to mess up my questions on metabase.Last time when i changed password for my live database all my questions went blank.

If you edit the data warehouse host name (eg in /admin/databases/XX), then all the cards linked to that database should work normally. If the connection string is invalid, or pointing at a different database there might be issues as the fields/tables the queries use aren’t there.