Changing row and column


does anyone have an idea how I can change this table to have the date in the column headers rather than in the first row?

So it should look like that:

I don´t think its doable with the query builder, but maybe it is possible in SQL?
Thanks for any help!


Hi, thank you! But sadly that still does not give me the possibility to change row and column in a pivot table … :-/
As I use SQL for almost all of my queries anyway I was hoping there is a way to decide in SQL which data the columns are and which the rows?
Thanks, cheers, Eva

Sad :panda_face: … was worth a shot though!

Then I guess it’s depending more on the database you use than Metabase itself. For example Postgres has crosstab:

(found via Pivot the result of a SQL query BTW, so thanks there I also learned something)

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Watch out possibility of more :tornado: and :frowning_woman: ahead - just stumbled on Pivot with crosstab() works on DB but not on MetaBase so maybe you need to bulk transform into a new table before feeding it to Metabase … or something.

Uhh will check that out! Thanks!