Changing the CSV seperator for E-Mail alerts

I couldn't find an answer for my question through google or the forum so I figured I'll just post it here as a question for anyone else having the same issue.

I would like to change the CSV seperator for our E-Mail Alerts (for the attached .csv files with the whole alert)

It is currently set to ',' and I would like to change it to ';'

I couldn't find an option for this in the alert settings or in the administrative settings.

I am currently running the self hosted metabase version 0.41.4

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @haas_zoeller
CSV means Comma Separated Values.
It is currently not possible to change the delimiter: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Hi @flamber
thank you very much for the quick response.
Guess I'll have to wait or instruct my users to change the formatting in excel.
In Germany the standard seperator is a semicolon because we format numbers like this: 139,30 and therefore can't use a comma as the standard seperator.

@haas_zoeller I'm from Denmark, so use similar delimiter styles, but CSV is a computer format, where numbers uses dots (US style) as delimiter (139.30), and when strings contains commas, then the strings are quoted (139.30,"some,string",another string,123.45)

Thank you for the explanation. When using a german installation of Excel it just doesn't interpret the standard formation correctly. I'll have to show my users how to do it manually. Thank you very much for your time and effort :slight_smile:
Have a great day.