Changing the owner of a card

Hello everyone, the title explains it all. We are migrating our existing queries in Redash to Metabase. Since I am the responsible for this action, I'll be the one who creates all of the cards in the target (Metabase). So, my question is: is there a way to change the owner of a card after it has been created. Because we have around 10k queries and I don't want to be appeared as the owner of all of them.

In the table report_card of the metabase application database there is a creator_id

Always backup the database before doing any changes to the metabase application database

I think this cannot be done via API. But updating the creator_id column in the report_card table wasn't enough. Because in the history section, it says "You created this card". So I had to update these two tables as well (revision and activity). These statements worked for me.

update report_card set creator_id = %s where id = %s;
update revision set user_id = %s where model_id = %s and is_creation;
update activity set user_id = %s where model_id = %s and topic='card-create' and model = 'card';