Changing the visualization method makes the time display strange


I want to know the cause.
metabse ver: 0.33.2

Click Visualization and select Line.
X-axis:Clock Time

※Japanese Version → 1/1/2001

Clock Time data type:timestamp

Hi @yuuuuuuuji
I’m fairly sure you’re seeing #10818 or #10840 or #10862, which are probably somewhat related.
There’s work being done currently to fix those issues and will likely be included in 0.33.3
Until then, I think the fastest work-around is to downgrade to 0.33.0

Hi @flamber

Thank you for reply.

OK, I will try downgrade.


Sorry, please teach me how to downgrade.

Take a backup first - always - before upgrading or downgrading.
It’s the same process as when you’re upgrading, but it depends on how you’re running Metabase.
If you’re using JAR-file, then you stop the current running Metabase and replace the JAR-file and start again. So
If you’re using Docker, then you specify the tag you want to use instead of the default latest tag. So metabase/metabase:v0.33.0


Thank you!

Using JAR-file.
Is it necessary to erase the database?

By the way, are you involved in development?

You should not erase the metadata - if that’s what you’re asking. Just make sure you have a backup in case you want to revert.