Chart values on shared dashboards are sticking open

When I click on a part of a published dashboard (shared via URL) the chart value appears as a pop-up and then stays stuck to the chart.


See youtube:

I have recently (today) installed v3.0 via Amazon Elastic Beanstalk via Docker image. This was a new instal, not an upgrade.

Otherwise the installation has gone smoothly.

Doesn’t look like it’s deployment method or browser specific. Pie charts work, looks like a problem with line and bar charts (and similar).
I’ve tried in Edge, Chrome & Firefox. Same results in all.
In EI, the popups don’t display at all with the exception of pie charts.
There’s no way to get rid of the pop-up. Once one is displayed, you can’t display a 2nd.
For anyone testing, take a look here:

Andrew, what’s the version (right now!) you have deployed embedded on - or in full at - is it v0.30.0?

Your two links above are working flawlessly on both the Pie and Line graph for me with Firefox 62.0b17 Developer, Chrome 68 or Edge on Win 10.

I think in the past there were rendering issues - when people had browser plugins (Ad blockers etc.). Can you guys maybe try to test in an “incognoto” window and see if that makes any difference?

Also - there are already, a recent, report with some sticky tooltips on GitHub:

It’s on 0.30
Browsers latest versions too.
Adblocker on Firefox, but Chrome is naked.
The popups work fine until you click on one - hover works fine.

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Gotcha’ … it was the click I was missing. Then it fails for me as well in FF.

With a bit different trace as @andrewandreyev reported.But that’s probably due to differences in data…

TypeError: this._metadata is undefined[Learn More] 31 app-public.bundle.js:17027:7
	tableMetadata Question.js:347:3
	forQuestion Mode.js:28:22
	getClickActions Visualization.jsx:278:2
	_renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext ReactCompositeComponent.js:796
	_renderValidatedComponent ReactCompositeComponent.js:819
	_updateRenderedComponent ReactCompositeComponent.js:743
	_performComponentUpdate ReactCompositeComponent.js:721
	updateComponent ReactCompositeComponent.js:642
	performUpdateIfNecessary ReactCompositeComponent.js:558
	performUpdateIfNecessary ReactReconciler.js:154
	runBatchedUpdates ReactUpdates.js:148
	perform Transaction.js:141
	perform Transaction.js:141
	perform ReactUpdates.js:87
	flushBatchedUpdates ReactUpdates.js:170
	flushBatchedUpdates self-hosted:986:17
	closeAll Transaction.js:207
	perform Transaction.js:154
	batchedUpdates ReactDefaultBatchingStrategy.js:60
	enqueueUpdate ReactUpdates.js:198
	enqueueUpdate ReactUpdateQueue.js:22
	enqueueSetState ReactUpdateQueue.js:216
	ReactComponent.prototype.setState ReactBaseClasses.js:62
	Visualization/_this.handleVisualizationClick/< Visualization.jsx:119:28

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