Chart with error "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'x')"

Hey guys, when I open a no-code question I receive this "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'x')" error. The table viz works, but when I choose a line chart or combo chart I receive the error.
Do you know anything we can do to solve this issue? We are running v0.48.8.

Image with console error below:

If you rebuild the question the same way does the error persist? Do you also run into this in the current version of Metabase?

Yes, if I rebuild the error persists. We updated the version to v0.49.10 and the error also persists.

Hello everyone. We are experiencing the same problem here. We are using version 0.49.10.

I've been trying to reproduce this behavior with no luck. Also curious to know if this behavior occurs in multiple browsers.

Can you please share steps to reproduce this on the Metabase Sample Database?

Hey, same problem on 0.49.3

I'm sorry, I don't think I can share steps to reproduce as this issue happens like 1% of the time, sometimes with perfectly correct filter A on value a, but if A = b, it works. And sometimes just the opposite.

I have seen it mostly with questions that combine several type of charts like 2 bar charts + 1 line chart on the same question (from combo or from bar/line just as well).

Thank you for your investigation :pray: