Child Filters for native queries


I am trying to build some client facing dashboards but I am having some difficulty getting filters to be useful.

For this example we have a number of different clients we want to share a dash with. Clients are differentiated by a unique ID in the clients table in the database( Each client may have one of multiple different sites they manage, each site has it's own unique site ID on the sites table ( and is connected to its relevant client by a column on the sites table (sites.client_id).

What I am trying to achieve is a way to have a locked parent filter for the client ID so we can embed dashboards within their experience and then have an editable child site filter which will allow them to filter their data.

Currently if I do this on the clients experience they can see all the thousands of different sites for all our clients via the search bar/autocomplete of the sites filter. I want to keep the search functionality but when they search only show sites that connect to their specific site ID.

Is there a way to do this? and sorry about the essay.



Current Version: 0.37.8

Hi @stoose
Upgrade to a newer version of Metabase:
And then you have Linked Filters as an option: