Choosing a database hopes to be more convenient

I have 2 databases, test db, official db, analysis db, some of the same analysis is not convenient to switch between dbs
1 I write a sql. This question is in sql mode. Switching databases is supported. But I used a simple question model, I chose a db, where conditions, indicators, grouping conditions, etc., and find this db to perform very slowly. If I want to change to a db, I have to do it again.
2 For example, I have a question and a dashboard, and I have written it in the test db, but I have to change the dband create it again when my system officially released. The efficiency is too low.

Hi @fywtat

That’s currently not supported, since Metabase uses IDs for everything underneath, so it’s a lot more complicated than a simple switch: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

The Enterprise Edition has Serialization, which can be used from moving from staging to production environment: