Clarification on Upgrading

How do you “kill the process”? Command prompt? Like this?:

c:\Metabase jar location>taskkill /IM metabase.jar

And “…restart the server”? Like this?:

c:\Metabase jar location>java -jar metabase.jar

Reference to Upgrading Metabase where it says “If you are running the JVM Jar file directly, then you simply kill the process, replace the .jar file with the newer version and restart the server.”

Depends upon how you started it. Looks like you’re running on Windows. You’ll have a command box open. Just close that or use CTRL-C.
I installed as a service, I stop the service, but it effectively does exactly the same.

Thanks @AndrewMBaines, I’ve been troubleshooting an upgrade problem and thought I’d overlooked something. Will post that separately.