[Clarifications] Metabase - Enterprise Edition

Hello community,

I’ve been looking at Metabase as a potential technology to integrate into the BI tech stack at our company. I love it and it’s right now the top contender for our reporting tech.

Having read through the licensing, and other posts about the enterprise edition, I still have some questions about the enterprise edition of Metabase -

  1. Sameer Al-Sakran had mentioned that Metabase will always remain free and open-source and that the enterprise version would have additional features useful to large companies. So, all the features shipped with the current version of Metabase will remain free, correct? Or will any of them become ‘Enterprise’ only?
  2. Will the free version continue to be without any ‘user’ or ‘data size’ constraints?
  3. When is the enterprise version planned to release?
  4. What features will be ‘enterprise only’? From the documentation I can find only 3 enterprise features - Authenticating with SAML, Authenticating with JWT, Sandboxing data based on user attributes.

It would be great if anyone (hopefully someone from the Metabase team) could shed some light on this.