Click an entry on one question updating dashboard filter

My Dashboard has three Questions and three filters. Filter-1 and -2 link to all three Questions and are input by user; filter-3 only links to the third Question and gets value when user clicks an entry on the second Question (I do this via defining the click behavior of the second Question).

My expectation is that the second Question's click-to-update behavior would only refresh the third Question, but what happens is the first and the second Question got refreshed as well, which I'm not sure if I configure this wrong or an expected behavior or bug? If I got this wrong pls help share advice to avoid the unexpected refresh.

Sounds a lot like Avoid updating dashboard cards unless filter changes · Issue #25914 · metabase/metabase · GitHub (minus the click behavior part). The fix for it is now in the 0.45.2 release.

@xuheng925 can you please try it and see if you still experience this issue?

Got it, thanks! Will do the update and check then

Actually, I'm re-reading this now.

If filter 2 is connected to all three questions, it's no wonder all three get refreshed.
Btw, it seems weird that the filter two is connected to both Q2 and Q3, but then you employ linked filters on top of that as well.

Maybe if you share what are you trying to achieve, it would be easier to help you.

Filter-2 does connects to all three Questions and if we update Filter-2 we should see refresh of all three Questions.

But what confuses me is that clicking on the second Question doesn't update Filter-2 (how/why so?) then why would refresh all the three Questions?

I see, I see... sorry, it was obviously too early for me so I misread. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, good news is that I cannot reproduce on the latest x.45.2 version which means it's most likely been fixed. I'm still interested in your feedback when you try this version.

To avoid further confusion, this is my setup:

When I save the dashboard and click on the Orders > Product ID, it correctly updates the third filter and only one POST query is executed in the "Network" tab:

POST /api/dashboard/1/dashcard/7/card/2/query (ids will be different in your case)


  "parameters": [
      "type": "id",
      "value": "14",
      "id": "5b1ba43f",
      "target": [
        [ "field", 2, null ]
  "dashboard_id": 1

As a sanity check, I tried the same thing with the first two filters applied. Still seeing only one query being executed:

Thanks for sharing this with me! I'll let you know if this doesn't work for me with the latest version. :slight_smile: