Click Behavior Issues

I am using the open source version of Metabase v0.35.4
Suddenly, I am unable to see the option of configuring click behavior on my dashboard. The UI of the app has changed in my application.
When I hover over any of the cards on the dashboard, it only gives me the option to add a chart and a settings popup but not for setting up the click behavior.
Please help me solve the issue.
P.S.: I am not ready to pay for any of the services as I am just a learner.

Hi @keyur.shah
Upgrade to a newer release. You are using a version that is 2 years old.

Hi @flamber
The app is hosted on cloud and it is asking me to pay for the starter pack to upgrade to newer versions. Is there a way to upgrade it for free?

@keyur.shah I have no idea where you are running Metabase, but here's how you upgrade:
If someone else is managing your instance, then you need to tell them to upgrade.