Click Behaviours in Embedded Dashboards

Hi All,

I've set up dashboards to be interactive with click behaviours, however once embedded none of them work, which seems odd as that seems like the main point of click behaviours - improving the user experience. Is there a way to make them work or is it not possible?

Any advice or guidance is much appreciated.

Hi @Matt1
Since embedding is single objects, then it has no idea about other objects, so you would have to use Click Behavior URLs instead of Dashboard/Question objects. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
There's FullApp embedding, which allows complete drill-through in the Enterprise/Pro edition:

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Will Simulating dashboard drillthrough as stipulated here, work if the initial dashboard is embedded but the drillthrough question is public?:

Simulating drill-through with public links

](Public sharing)

It should work

hi Luigi,

When using a private dashboard (embedded via iframe, using signed token) that has a click behaviour to a public question, then getting "not found" in the iframe render.

However, if the parent dashboard is public this seems to work. Is this a limitation? Or is it possible to do as I have explained above?