Clickable Tables

Is it possible to have a interactive table, for example…Say i have a list of departments, if i click one of the department rows on the table can it send that value to the filter and change the other tables?

You could make a link back to the same dashboard, with the filter and value included in the URL. It’s not exactly what you want buuuuuut here’s an example of what I’m thinking:


Those last three columns are, in the underlying query, constructed URLs. Metabase lets you slap a concise label on the link and give it the clickable UI treatment.

If you constructed the URL back to your dashboard, with the filter params included, you’d get something of the same effect. So in the case of Provider Details, for example, I’m building in the query a URL back to /question/[question_id]?provider_id=[id] (with the terms in square brackets replaced with the appropriate integer).

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