Clickhouse as DWH DB and metabase as report generator

we are currently implementing a DWH database that will hold several table each with about 1,500,000,000 user records (150 columns per record).
currently we are using MQSql but thinking of moving to clickhouse and I will appreciate any feedback we can get about Metabase + clickhouse.
most of our queries are done via the custom question builder (marketing, sells users) not via SQl builder

select * from gbxdr where seizedate between <Date#1> and <Date#2> where CustomerName is

select count(*) from gbxdr where seizedate is where CustomerName is

based on these common queries I will appreciate your feedback is clickhouse and Metabase are the right option or should I choose another column based DB like MariaDB


Hi @alongls
I would highly recommend that you do a test with your own data and your own queries, since the Clickhouse driver is a third-party module and MariaDB ColumnStore works with the built-in core driver.