Clicking on a scatterplot redirects to full URL


I have a column “URL” in my table with a full URL (e.g.: I’d like to redirect the user to that URL whenever they click on a scatterplot.

I tried implementing this using the “Click behavior” functionality, but it didn’ work. If I link to “{{URL}}” and click on the plot, redirects me to “”. In other words, it encodes my variable as a relative URL.

Is it possible to link to absolute URLs? How?

I’m using the lastest Metabase on Metabase Cloud.


Hi @vitorbaptista
It’s not specific to scatter, but any “Click behavior”.
Currently all variables are encoded. Workaround would be to make a redirect script on your webserver, so you can do something like{{URL}}

Got it. Any plans on implementing this?

I don’t see how this will be possible unless there’s some sort of setting to toggle encoding on/off.
Perhaps a solution would be to automatically not encode the first variable if there’s no preceding text. This would allow for dual usage like {{URL}} and {{URL}}?something={{VARIABLE}}

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