Clone a dashboard pointing to a new identical dataset but with different data


we are using METABASE to build dashboards for some of our customers. Each customer has an identical database (bigquery) but we keep them separated for privacy, security and cost calculations on Google

Each time we clone a dashboard for the new customer, we need to replicate and start from ZERO because changing the name of the database on a question would completely reset the question setting and filters.

Is there any smart way to make the swap of the database behind a dashboard more easy and fast?


Hi @cristian.carnevale

That’s partly what Serialization can do in the Enterprise Edition.

The current way Metabase structures it’s metadata means that all the tables and columns gets IDs, and those IDs will be different from database to database.
You would have to go through the metadata and get all the IDs to match - or use the API to generate everything automatically: