Cloud: How do we attach XLSX files to alerts?

Hi team,

We've just moved to Metabase Cloud to avoid server management overhead, and I've realised that there's no way to ensure an alert sends an XLSX file to the team. Downloading the XLSX file is fine, but I need it automatically sent in an alert.

In Metabase self-hosted, there was a couple of settings on the pulses table that we could flip to 1 to ensure the correct file type was attached:


.. however now we're on cloud hosted, we've no direct DB access like this, and there's no place that I can see where we can configure an alert to send an XLSX attachment.

How do we do this on Metabase Cloud?

Hi @ok200paul
You would have to use the API:

Oof - is there no way to configure an alert using the cloud UI?

@ok200paul There's no difference between Cloud and self-hosted in that sense, it has never been possible to configure the attachment on Alerts. We have been looking at revising how Alerts function to give more flexibility, but there's currently no timeline on that.

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Thanks Flamber. Does cloud have an API? We can pop a PUT across, no problem.

@ok200paul The API is available on all Metabase instances, since that is basically what the graphical interface uses, when you click around.
The best way to learn the API, is to just use Metabase while having your browser developer Network-tab open and looking at the request, and what data is being send/received.

Hey @flamber - I've update the question via the API all good - however, now the web UI is disallowing editing the alert - I'd like to test it by updating it to daily. Is this expected?

Hmm. I've deleted, re-set up an alert, done a PUT, and the data appears updated & allowing me to edit through the web UI.