Coding a Matomo Driver

Hey there,

At my company we are working with Matomo, an open-source alternative to Google Analytics.

However there's currently no driver developed by the community. We might import the MySQL database of a Matomo instance, however the raw data aren't very talkative for non-acquainted data analyst (and non-developers obviously).

Are we the only one lacking such tool ?

We would be ready to pay for it if there is any developers out there willing to tackle such issue.

Hi @dynnammo
There's an issue for it, as you probably know already, but leaving a reference for others: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

It would basically require a REST API driver:

Currently the GA driver is very limited and requires a lot of exceptions compared to other drivers. And it's also hard to maintain. Just want to note that before someone starts tackling that.

Given that Datasets is something that we're working on, then connecting directly to the MySQL and simply creating easy-to-consume Datasets for end users would likely be much easier and wouldn't require a custom driver.

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