Cohort Analysis in Metabase


I'm testing a bit Metabase for my team and ultimately my company for simple data analysis.
My big issue is that the first thing we track are cohorts - and I'd like people to easily switch from global cohorts to more localized cohorts (per country, per acq channel, etc.)

I'm not sure this looks possible easily in metabase, especially visually (having a cumulated ltv cohort for example over time as a graph).
I can obviously do the underlying SQL, but that's exactly why I thought Metabase would be helpful: not providing all the underlying SQL but rather raw transaction / event / user data.

Seems weird that in 2021 Metabase is not proving this natively. Any clues?

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Hi, check this out. Our company is using their software to sync our HubSpot data, and connect to Metabase to make charts. I personally don't do cohort analysis using Acho, and they just released the blog. So I recommend you contact them to see how to use Metabase to make cohort analysis.

Hi god830, thanks for your reply.

Actually, I kdo now how to do cohort analysis using SQL directly :slight_smile:

My question was more to know if a build-in integration (at least visual) was available on Metabase?
I've seen this thread, but although old, it still doesn't look like a reality:

Got it, so you are looking for the chart itself in Metabase. I don't think I know this part well since I don't do cohort myself. You probably should wait for the admin to help you, he is active on this forum.

Hey @Nicositter88 ! Were you able to create a visualization for cohort in Metabase?

@Laura.dropp Cohort visualization is not supported currently: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post