Collapsable structure

GIven the table below, is it possible to create a collapsable structure in Metabase for the groups 1, 2 and 3 such that, for every group identifier, the respective itens appear below it?

   value1 INT NOT NULL

INSERT INTO t1 (id_, value1) VALUES
(1, 10),
(1, 20),
(2, 10),
(2, 20),
(2, 20),
(3, 30),
(3, 20)

Hi @brunolnetto
Can you link to some database documentation? I have never heard of "collapsible structure" before.
Sounds like you just want to group by a column, which Metabase can do. If you are asking for something that requires advanced SQL queries, then you will likely have to use SQL for that instead of the GUI.

The collapsible structure is a visualization for the aggregated table structure. A frontend application is the following: . In my case, I would like to exhibit the group components on the head of the collpsible and the respective descriptive terms on its body.

@brunolnetto So you are referencing a UI element - in this case an accordion:

How should Metabase implement that in reference to a visualization representing data?
Please remember that Metabase is not a UI framework, but a data visualization tool.

It sounds like you are looking for a Pivot Table: