Collection permissions

Hi All, I am using Latest version of Metabase with Postgresql as application database.

I have setup a dashboard and can drill down/through from dashboard to details of the selection with in dashboard. All works well

issue is if i want other user to use the dashboard and do all drill down or drill through way its designed, however does not allow him to make changes to main cards or dashboard. I am not able to get this done.

How can this be acchieved?

Found how to do that. Thanks

Hi @NaveenHadagali It would be great if you explained what you did to solve your problem, so others might learn from it - thanks :+1:

Initially the permission on collections was set to Currate collections for the User group and that allowed users to change the actual cards on dashboards. Setting permission to View Collections and then providing data access to tables which are used to create cards helped to allow users to view dashboards and then navigate to details and save their own collection if required. This ensured users were not able to change the actual cards on dashboards.

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