Collections permissions screen

Hi again, people!
This is a rather minor bug, but, when I’m on that screen, the slide bars blink frantically, and, when I click on something to change the permissions, sometimes even that popup blinks like crazy as well. It can still be used, but it is weird. I’m on Chrome, and it always happens to me. Can’t really screenshot because, well, it is blinking…

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Sounds similar to:

Sorry, lazy drescription from my end.

Chrome: Versão 70.0.3538.102
OS: WIndows 10
DB: MySQL 5.6
MB version: 0.31
MB hosting: Debian on EC2 (run from jar file);
MB database: H2

It can be reproduced just opnening the collection permissions screen, and then going to subcolletions to expand all collections under “Our analytics”. Can’t see any relevant log, since the application works and does its thing properly, just doing some blikning in the process.

About the issue… hm, feels like the same. Can’t reproduce on Edge, just Chrome.