Color Range conditional formatting does not work with two rules

When trying to tint the rows in two different colors, using two rules that DO NOT disagree, I still get only one color in the column.
See images

The documentation says it should work as I intend them to do:

You can set as many rules on a table as you want. If two or more rules disagree with each other, the rule that’s on the top of your list of rules will win. You can click and drag your rules to reorder them, and click on a rule to edit it.

Hi @z3h
When you use "Color range", then the rule will apply to all values - no matter the Start/End range, since that is only meant to change the color intensity. So it is behaving as expected.
You would have to create "Single color" rules, or use the built-in range with colors in both ends.

hum, that gets quite messed up because I cannot control the half point.

@z3h Sounds like you're looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post