Column added to SQL question does not appear in results

I’m running 0.27.2. I added a new column to an existing SQL question. The new column does not show up in the results of the amended question. However, if I remove one of the existing columns the new column shows up. Is the number of columns returned by a query somehow set in stone after it is first saved? I am fairly certain I’ve done this in the past… Any suggestions on how to get this to work again?

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Interestingly, if I rename one of the existing columns the new column also shows up. Very strange behavior.

Have you tried using the “Sync now” button on the database section of Admin Panel?

I don’t think the Sync Now button impacts SQL queries. That’s for tables. I just added a column to a select statement in a custom question, not a column to a table. As my follow-up comment stated, I was able to get the column to show up, but only after renaming one of the existing columns (I give specific names to the columns in the query).

Old query:
select c1 “Col 1”, c2 “Col 2” from tbl;

New query:
select c1 “Col-1”, c2 “Col 2”, c3 “Col 3” from tbl;

I just added the dash to the first column name, which was the only thing that made the new column show up. Seems like a bug to me…

I felt into the same scenario and ended up with the same solution… I believe it’s an issue related to caching or something like that.
I think you should file an issue in GIT.