Column Links Opening in New Tabs

We are using embedded dashboards within our application and prior to upgrading to the latest Metabase release, links were opening in the same window. This was helpful since our links were related to our own application. However, links now open in a new tab and has become cumbersome for some users.

Is there an option to define the default link behavior? We would prefer to have them open in the same window if possible, since there is always a keyboard combination for those that prefer new tabs.

I noticed this closed Gitlab issue - Did the default link behavior change to always open a new tab for embedded dashboards?

Any insight on how to allow our users to open links within the same window/tab would be appreciated.

Hi @rushigan
Sounds like you were using a version older than 0.38.2 before upgrading to latest release:

Issue 10370 is not closed. That's a feature request for adding a customizable setting.

You would have to revert or build your own version of Metabase to get the "old" behavior, which was a regression by itself compared to even earlier versions.

Thanks for the reply. This seems like further regression since there doesn't appear to be any way to open the link within the same window, even by right-clicking. Is this correct?


@rushigan It was a regression that everything opened with the embed - that was fixed in 0.38.2
You are showing a menu of a browser menu - Metabase does not control that.

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