Column result from a division in SQL question not showing as decimal


I'm trying to do a simple % calculation from one column over another:

Breached_ticket / Total_tickets as breached_percentage

But there's noooo way I'm being able to place this division as a decimal.
I'm even trying to test dividing 2/3 casting them as decimals in the last column called 'debug', but still not getting the correct answer.

Does anyone have an idea how can I fix this?


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Hi @suzi_timm
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and which database type you are querying.
You perhaps you have changed formatting?

Yep, already tried to format column. Didn't work. I'll try your first suggestion, thanks!

Hello Susi!
I'm having the same problem, a simple division that should return 0.95 is returning me 0. I've tried to change the formating, but it does not work, it seems like the formating does not save or something. Did you had your problem solved?