Combine two parametrized saved questions at a dashboard chart

I am trying to combine two parametrized saved questions at a dashboard chart in order to see the combined results. The questions are written with SQL. The problem is when I am trying to add the second parametrized questions to the chart through the “Add” option, I am having a “That question is not compatible” error, although the questions results are compatible if they are executed individually. I guess this is happening because I can’t preset a value neither a filter to the parameter of the second question, so actually no results are returning for the second question. Is there any trick that I can apply for this or this kind of combination is not supported yet?

To anyone that might be interested, I just found a trick. I select the option “Required” at the variable when I create the SQL question and then I set a default value. Now it is working if I want to combine it with other questions.


Hello, I have the same problem.
Where do I set “Required”?

@Gans In the variable sidebar: