Combining Data from Different Big Query Datasets in SQL Queries

So we would like to join data from different data sources in questions, but as I read here this is not currently supported.

We are however in the process of putting our data in a warehouse solution like big query, so it seems from the above thread that this will allow us to combine the data sources in big query and then join these in metabase.

We would like to keep the different data sources as different data sets in Big Query. However looking at the bigquery documentation for metabase, it seems data sets are added separately, technically again being different data sources to metabase even if they both come from big query.

My question now is, will it be possible to join these two datasets, which are different sources in metabase but still both from big query, or will I run into the same problems that I have when trying to combine two raw data sources? This questions suggests that it will be the same issue.

If this route is also not possible for combining the data, how could I do it without combining the data beforehand in one dataset? Or is that the only option?

Hi @aru_boed
Until it's supported in the core, then you would have to use a third-party driver: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

We do not self host our metabase app so I am not sure if I can even choose my driver. Is that possible? And if yes, is there some documentation for that?

Hi @aru_boed
If you're are using Metabase Cloud, then it's currently not possible to use third-party drivers.
Then you would have to use a single dataset - or perhaps another warehouse like Redshift or Snowflake?