Combo, stacked breakout, with addtional fields

Is there a way to get a Combo chart to stack items in a breakout field AND also chart additional data fields on a secondary y-axis?
Something like this:

Going from a Bar chart to a Combo works well enough BUT it doesn’t offer a Stack option:

And additional data fields cannot be put on a secondary y-axis so long as an x-axis Breakout is used:

Workarounds, recommendations?

Metabase: v0.33.2
Host: Localhost:3000
Databases: H2 internal default, Server SQL added
Browser: Firefox 52.9.0
OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Java: 1.8.0_45

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Hi @mesquest
It sounds like you’re looking for this feature request: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post