Community Drivers not Available

Hi. I'd like to connect to the CSV community driver, however I don't see the driver available in the database list (image). The csv.metabase-driver.jar is in my plugins directory. Is another step needed to make it available?

I'm using Metabase free version, so Metabase cloud not supporting community drivers shouldn't be a problem.


Can you share how you are running metabase and the directory you have setup?

Hey @TonyC. Yeah we are using the "one-click deploy" in render (link). We also are using the latest version of metabase, which at the time of this post is 0.45.

check the filesystem permissions

@Luiggi I updated ./plugins to have 777 permissions and re-deployed. Still getting the same issue. Can you elaborate what I should look for?

check this repo to see how I'm adding a driver to Metabase GitHub - paoliniluis/metabase-trino

@Luiggi thanks for the example. I see you have a driver file, but we have very different file systems. Are additional steps required other than adding a community driver to the plugins folder?

Sorry, I didn’t get that, the demo is for including a trino driver in Metabase and also the file system here doesn’t matter (unless you’re using windows)