Compare Date to Today's Date

Hello! I hope this is a simple issue, but I have been struggling trying to figure out the solution within Metabase.

I have a date output of YYYY-MM-DD-HH. I have created a new column that takes off hours, so it is just YYYY-MM-DD. I want to create a filter that, if my date is the same as today's date, it pulls those values. The "now" function doesn't seem to be quite what is needed for this. Any suggestions?

Bonus points for a second question that I haven't looked into yet. If the filter pulls a value, I want to pull the last 24 hours of data for that item. Is there an obvious way to do that? Maybe datetimeSubtract?

Thank you!

you might have to cast the date, which is something we don't do yet

Gotcha. Is there any way to format the output of the "now" function? It contains the necessary information, it's just not in a format with which I can make a filter such as, "IF date = now", if that makes sense.