Complex queries with drilldown


I am looking into the Drill Down and Drill Through functions in metabase. However, I only seem to be able to make Drill Down and Drill Through if I make simple queries through the custom builder. If I ought to make a query through the native builder I don’t seem to be able to make Drill Down and Drill Through. Is that true or am I missing something?

Hi @keanottesen
Yes, because Metabase (0.32.8) doesn’t understand a Native Query, it would be very difficult to make drill-through.
But you could create database views instead, which would show as a database table in Metabase with drill-through actions available.

But what if I want to create rather more complex questions in which i have mulitple joins and where clauses?

I’m using multiple fact and dim tables in my dwh and in my query

Without knowing which database you’re using, you should be able to do everything with a database View.
The entire Custom Builder is getting a big overhaul in version 0.33, allowing much more complex queries, which should limit the need of Native Query in many cases.

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