Complicated Data Analysis - Same Entry Over Multiple Rows

I'm trying to analyze data that's stored in a method that's odd to me in a way that solves for multiple conditions.

How the data is stored: The table with the data only has a few columns such as: entry, field name, value. If an entry has multiple data points, those translate to multiple lines in the table all having the same entry number but the field name and values are different.

Where I'm stuck: I need to be able to analyze the data for multiple "AND" conditions. For example, I need to know the number of entries where "Apples" are "red" AND "Snorkles" are "purple" but "Apples" and "Snorkles" are on separate rows (but have the same entry ID).

Some of the queries I'm attempting have 5 and 6 lines per entry ID and I just don't can't figure out how to drill it down. If more info or screenshots would help, I can provide them. Thank you for reading!

EDIT: I feel like I need to be able to analyze each condition independently and then do a Vinn Diagram to see which entry ID's overlap...

EDIT 2: I had an idea! What if I join the data for each field name and then filter them separate? That should give me a single row that shows all the values I'm looking for!

Hi @paintbb84
If you need to be able to do complex AND/OR statements, then you need to use Custom Expressions: