Conditional Coloring of data / variable progress bar goal


we just started to use metabase dashboards for production monitoring. The first comment was whether data in tables, progress bars and numbers can be dynamically colored to emphasize some values.

It would be great if I could assign columns of a query to the background and font color of a number or progress visualization and data cells in table visualization respectively.

Whether it is useful to have a list of colors like red/blue/green/… or to use (hex-)rgb-values might be discussed or just defined by the developers.

Furthermore it would be helpful for progress visualization to assign the goal value to a query-column. E.g. for the total number of packets that needs to be shipped today.

Many thanks in advance. Keep on the good work.

Best Regards,
Axel Wegener

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I think this issue on github is tracking this feature request:

thanks for the pointer. My main concern is more related to dynamic colors defined by the data source, especially for tables and numbers.

It goes into this direction: