Conecting Metabase in Azure SQLServer

I’ve been trying to connect in Azure SQLServer but I’m getting timeout after 5.0s. I saw many comments about that and tried many ways to do that, include install a version oldest. First I tried with the last version (v0.38.2), now I installed (v0.38.0) but none of them worked. About installation: Metabase is installed in Ubuntu VM (Azure) in the same network as my SQLServer. (I’ve already allowed the IP of this Metabase machine in the Database firewall setting)

Hi @tiagoferrucio
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
The timeout error usually happens, when host or port is incorrect, or there’s a firewall blocking, or another network issue.
Have you tried to see if there’s network access from where Metabase is running (if inside of Docker, then you need to run the command there)?
nc -v 1433