Configuration file.

Is there a way to configure Metabase so that when an image is created with docker compose and the connection is made to a database (e.g. Postgres), the data does not have to be reconfigured for another database and all data can be passed to it. that data in a file.

sorry, I'm not getting the last part of the problem, you want to configure questions from one db to run on a second db?

I have a container running with an Oracle image on my localhost and I want to make a connection from the metabase to that database, but automated with a playbook in Ansible with the following code:

  • name: Create Oracle database
    url: http://{{ metabase_server }}/api/database
    method: POST
    Content-Type: "application/json"
    X-Metabase-Session: "{{ login_id }}"
    body_format: json
    "name": "oracle",
    "engine": "oracle",
    "port": 1521,
    "user": "",
    "ORACLE_PWD": "oracle"

I have already tried many ways to enter each of the "details" but it always tells me that I have to enter the SID. I have already achieved this with mongodb and postgres, but with oracle it has been impossible. Could you tell me what is wrong or incorrectly configured? Thanks for the help.

I’m not an expert on Ansible, but have you tried checking what is the exact body that Metabase has when adding an Oracle database?

There is a demo stack here