Configuration required to deploy 0.28.0 RC3 in Elastic Beanstalk

Hi, I’m trying to deploy the newest version of Metabase (0.28.0 RC3) using a Elastic Beanstalk file but it’s not working. AWS keep telling me that does not exist neither Dockerfile. I’ll describe the step-by-step I followed to this

  1. I downloaded the zip file containing 0.27.2 Elastic Beanstalk config
  2. I unzipepd the file, changed the content of to update the tag of Docker Hub to: metabase/metabase:0.28.0-RC3
  3. I uploaded the file to the Elastic Beanstalk UI
  4. I followed the remaining instructions that are in this page:

Is there some other specific step that i should take to deploy this version?

There’s now a :smile: hope that JustWorks (sorry not an Elastic Beanstalk user myself)

Edit: also noted - not sure if that still means you have a bumpy road ahead …

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I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks, man!

Btw, how did you find this link? I searched a lot in this forum and github issues and was not able to find anything.

Hehe, seeing on GitHub that 0.28 just came out I just applied simple URL substitution on the link under :wink:

O.28 isn’t officially out yet. Feel free to try the beanstalk link @jornh posted, but we’re still fixing one last issue before we rebuild all the binaries and formally announce it.

In general, the website (and not github) is the authoritative place for builds.

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