Configure "loading time"

Currently it is 60 seconds as threashold to load a question/card. When a question/card uses up the 60 seconds for loading, the system stops the loading and shows "There was a problem displaying this chart." For some big question/card 60 seconds are not enough. Can we allow user to configure this threadshold?

this is only configurable via a reverse proxy, I'm guessing you're using beanstalk, is that corrrect?

Sorry I am not sure what is reverse proxy and beanstalk... What info I can provide to you (e.g. log?) so that you can guide me to configure the threashold? :slight_smile:

Please check in the forum, this topic has been covered many times

Hi Luiggi, I have no idea what keyword should I use for searching the topics in this forum. I used "loading time" but barely find any meaningful result. May I ask you to help share the relevant post(s) that I can refer to? Thanks!

Just take a look at the ticket and I think this is not what I'm asking. My question is which environment variable should be configured to set a timeout for dashboard queries in Metabase?

There are so many msgs in the ticket. Can you pls help point a url that I can just follow to change the configuration?

No need to reply this since I have already known how to configure metabase loading time in nginx. Thanks!