Configure max download limit

Hi team,

I was wondering whether there has been some progress on, in particular “max rows CSV/JSON download #3810”?

The 1 mio row limit is currently preventing us from running our analysis. Is there already a way to work around the hard-coded limit?

Appreciate any comments and support.
Otherwise, congrats on the great tool :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

Hi @raphaelawagner
If you’re using Metabase to download data to use it in another place, then perhaps it’s not the right tool?
Currently you would have to build your own version with the limit changed.

Hi @flamber

Thanks for your prompt response. You might be right…
I’m using your API to query the data, model it in Python and am planning to push it back to Metabase - essentially to visualise and share results. Obviously I could create my own dashboard or use a different tool, but I thought it would be handy to stick to Metabase as most of our queries live there (and it’s currently the place where people go to check out visualizations).

I assume I could just fork the latest version to create my own. However, we’d miss any further updates after that. Is my reasoning correct?

Do you have any alternative suggestions when it comes to pulling data from a postgres db, processing it in Python and sharing visualisations? I’m aware that this question is beyond the scope of using Metbase, so if you prefer ignoring it that’s completely understandable.

Have a great weekend,

@raphaelawagner Then get the query with the API, and run the query directly on your database outside of Metabase (so you’re not bound by the 1 million rows limit).

Well, just like if you installed the current version of Metabase and never updated, then you wouldn’t get any further updates. It’s a few lines of code that would need to changed and you would apply that every time, while still updating to newer versions.