Confirmation of Elastic Beanstalk Database

I have followed the metabase guide for getting setup on elastic beanstalk, including the section on configuring RDS with postgres.

My question is - how do I confirm that the postgres database is the metabase application database? I tried adding the postgres database in metabase (recursive :slight_smile: ), targeting the “metabase” database, but metabase did not display any tables.

I am nervous to commit to fully integrating metabase, adding tons of queries and creating dashboards, before I can confirm that such data will be persisted appropriately.

Thank you!

Hi @tristan-savi

It can take a few seconds for the sync+scan process to complete, so perhaps you clicked too fast?
Also check the log for any errors - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.
If you check the logs about 50 lines after startup, then it will tell which database it’s using.

We just call it “application database” - it would become to meta to call it “Metabase database” :slight_smile:

By the way, :clap: that you’re validating before committing!

Thank you so much for the reply!

In the logs, I see:

[4af7c797-6cff-4e0f-8328-5f1515436da1] 2020-10-07T15:33:19-04:00 INFO metabase.db Successfully verified PostgreSQL 12.3 application database connection. :white_check_mark:

Which I interpret to mean that metabase is using the RDS database as its application database.

After syncing that database with metabase, though, and waiting, I still don’t see any tables / data.

How does metabase on elastic beanstalk read the application database configuration?

@tristan-savi By default RDS stores the data in the database called ebdb, so perhaps you’re connecting to the wrong database?

THANK YOU!!! Yes, I see all data now - it’s being persisted correctly. Huge thanks!!!