Connect to AWS Instance

I have succesfully installed and use metabase in AWS, through the predefined steps/one click button to create a new environment. However, how to I connect to the instance? Using “EC2 Instance Connect (browser-based SSH connection)”, it hangs, while the other options to connect I ammissing credentials. Is is something I am missing?

Thank you

Hi @charalampos
It sounds like you setup Metabase on the Elastic Beanstalk?
What are you trying to do? I don’t understand question, if you’re already using Metabase.
If you want to setup on EC2, then you should do that manually (there’s no one-click).

Hi @flamber,
You are right, I should elaborate more.I installed Metabase on AWS through the one-click button “Launch Metabase on AWS” here. The whole process completed succesfully and I have an up and running environment in AWS. I also created a new MySQL Amazon RDS, where automatically my primary database from outside the VPC is cloned. On this RDS my Metabase instance is connected. Everything works smoothly. Upon that, I want to make https work as sensitive data is handled. My usual workflow used to be “connect to linux as root, install certbot, execute and magic happens”, and at this point problem started to appear. How do I connect to the EC2 instance created through the one click button?

There are three ways according to Amazon.

  • a) Standalone SSH client,
  • b) EC2 Instance Connect (browser-based SSH connection) where you need only the username, and
  • c) A Java SSH Client directly from my browser.

For a) to work I need a kay public/private pair but I didn’t provide at any point any pair key furing installation. In theory, I could replace existing keys in EC2 instance. I tried b) option (assuming created user in instance is indeed ec2-user but this is nowhere to be verified) but browser-based console hangs - I have tested it in two different browsers. For third option we need both username and a password, none of which do I know them.

Should I install certbot or is it through Load Balancer the only way? In the end it shouldn’t too difficult, nginx is what to be configured not Metabase, right? I found https://discourse_metabase_com/t/how-to-configure-ssl-using-metabase-on-aws-elastic-beanstalk-solved/3803 and https://discourse_metabase_com/t/metabase-on-elastic-beanstalk-https/3401 but didn’t help either. Have you found any step by step how-to?

Even if it wasn’t for SSL, for example minor updates, problem still exists.
Thank you

P.S.: I have already made all subnet group updates so as port 22 to be open and ready to use
P.S. 2 : Sorry for the messed up links - please change dashes in discourse_metabase_com with dots, as “new users can post up to two links”

I don’t use AWS, but as far as I know EBS is not the same as EC2. Most other people, here in the form, that chooses EBS also uses ELB including the https-feature.
I think you’ll get much better answers from or similar sites, since the question isn’t about anything specific to Metabase, but how AWS systems work.