Connect to MongoDB (AWS DocumentDB) fails - Timeout

I am facing a problem to connect to a Mongo AWS DocumentDB based.

The connection is being configured trough a SSH Tunnel.

Follow the logs:
[5b73eceb-2d5e-49cd-8f4c-dea13169fe75] 2022-07-27T22:33:42-03:00 DEBUG metabase.server.middleware.log POST /api/database 400 10.0 s (1 DB calls)
{:valid false, :dbname "Timed out after 10.0 s", :message "Timed out after 10.0 s"}

When a try the config by connection string, this is the error message:
[5b73eceb-2d5e-49cd-8f4c-dea13169fe75] 2022-07-27T21:32:34-03:00 DEBUG metabase.server.middleware.log POST /api/database 400 9.8 ms (1 DB calls)
{:valid false, :dbname nil, :message nil}

Hi @Tobias
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Check the SSH bastion server logs for connections and DNS.
Metabase does not official support AWS DocumentDB, since it's not a drop-in-replacement of Mongo: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post