Connect to mysql private rds instance on aws

Metabase provides an option on their website to use the elasticbeanstalk deployment on AWS.
I have a private mysql rds instance on AWS. I want to connect the private instance to metabase. Could you please help me with the configuration in AWS? As in, what is the private ip of the instance that I can use within the security group to allow the access from the metabase.

Hi @Anum
Metabase needs to be part of the security group, just like if you were using any other software app.
Have you looked at the documentation?
Otherwise try asking in an AWS forum, since it's not specific to Metabase.

I have launched a metabase instance in the default vpc with my one rds instance in the same vpc.
I have another rds instance which is in the non-default vpc. Is it possible to migrate all the existing dashboards/instance/elastic bean stalk deployment in the non-default VPC because i cannot migrate my rds instance in the default vpc.

@Anum Yes, dump the Metabase application database and import it on the new RDS.

@flamber i cannot migrate any of my rds instance. Can i still migrate my elastic bean stalk instance in the non-default vpc while my original rds in the default vpc to make it work?

I didn't write you should migrate any of your RDS. Simply do a database dump (just like if you were taking a backup), and then you import that dump into your new RDS.
I would recommend that you try asking in an AWS forum, since it has more to do with EB than Metabase.

Thanks @flamber. Can you confirm the following?
The elastic bean stalk deployment and one rds db instance is in the default vpc with ipv address as
Another new rds data mart instance in the non-default vpc with ipv address as
The metabase elastic bean stalk deployment requires the rds mysql instances to be in the same instances to be able to see each other.
Simply put, if we do a metabase database dump, will be able to access both the rds instances in the same elastic bean stalk deployment?

@Anum You should ask in AWS forum. It has nothing to do with Metabase (or any other application).
Security groups are like firewalls/networks. If two instances cannot connect to each other, then they... cannot connect to each other.

You need to place the Metabase app (EB in your case) somewhere, so it can connect to the Metabase application database (RDS in your case). All the information inside of Metabase is stored in the application database.